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Since 1998 the association has been committed to the memory of the Norwegian composer.





2nd International Piano Competition "The Young Musical Lions" test<br>

In cooperation with the Lions Club Leipzig Saxonia, LINKIES. Unternehmensberatung and the music publisher Edition Peters, we organized the 2nd International Piano Competition "The Young Musical Lions" in 2023.





Farewell after 16 years

Prof. Patrick Dinslage resigns as director of the Edvard Grieg Research Centre and leaves the board of the Grieg-Begegnungsstätte Leipzig (e. V.). An appreciation of his work

Grieg in Leipzig

When Grieg often stayed in Leipzig for several weeks, sometimes up to half a year, during the concert season, or when he took advantage of the possibility of a short stay in Leipzig on his travels to or from Rome, Paris, Prague, Vienna or Karlsbad, he could count on the constant hospitality of the directors of the music publishing house C. F. Peters. In the domicile of the publishing house at Talstraße 10 he even had his own guest apartment on the top floor.


As part of Leipzig's musical heritage sites, the Grieg Meeting Place has been awarded the European Heritage Seal. Within this magnificent network of Leipzig composers' houses, the Grieg-Begegnungsstätte enriches the traditional cultivation of music with innovative approaches and unusual perspectives.

With Edvard Grieg, it represents the Norwegian national composer, who is paradigmatic for many national composers from all over Europe who were trained at the Leipzig Conservatory. It also points out the great importance of the Leipzig music publishers, as they are located at the headquarters of the music publishing house
C. F. Peters.

Supporters and sponsors

Founded in 1998, the association has since then been committed to cultivating the memory of the Norwegian composer, whose biography is closely linked to Leipzig and the city's musical tradition.

Grieg worldwide

The Grieg meeting place in Leipzig is only one part of an international network of Grieg societies, museums and interested parties.